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Popular Anesthesia Parts List

This list represents some of our more popular anesthesia parts for various anesthesia machines, ventilators, and monitors. If you don't see your part listed below, call David at 800-482-6537, ext. 308 to check for availability and price.
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ItemModelOEMPart #Warranty(Months)
BIS A2000 Depot ExchangeA2000Aspect Medical185-00706
BIS A2000 DisplayA2000Aspect Medical996-02733
BIS A2000 DSC-XP Preamp CableA2000Aspect Medical186-0159-RFB3
BIS A2000 Main BoardA2000Aspect Medical140-0017 3
Datascope Anestar Pow. SupplyAnestarDatascope0014-001-02433
Datascope Gas Module IIGas Module IIDatascope0998-00-01433
Datascope Gas Module SEGas Module SEDatascope0998-00-0481-013
02 Flush AssemblyMOD II, MOD II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE0236-0290-8003
5120 Oxygen Monitor5120Datex-Ohmeda/GE6051-0000-0973
5250 RGM Bench5250Datex-Ohmeda/GE8798493
5250 RGM Depot Exchange5250Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-5250-X6
5250 RGM, Depot Repair5250Datex-Ohmeda/GE5250DR3
5420 Volume Monitor5420Datex-Ohmeda/GE6050-0000-9103
5500 Pressure Monitor5500Datex-Ohmeda/GE6050-0000-3793
7000 Vent. Depot Exchange7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7000-X6
7000 Vent. Depot Repair7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7000DR3
7000 Vent. Kit Exh Valve Svc7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE 1502-8003-0003
7000 Vent. PCB Control Board7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE0208-6349-7003
7000 Vent. Pop Off Valve7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE0229-1029-8003
7000 Vent. Valve Plate7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1502-8001-0003
7800 Vent. Depot Exchange7000 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7800-X6
7800 Vent. Control Board7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8026-0003
7800 Vent. Control Valve7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8071-0003
7800 Vent. Depot Repair7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7800DR3
7800 Vent. Fr. Pan. Board7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8022-0003
7800 Vent. Inlet Solenoid7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-7088-0003
7800 Vent. LCD Display7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8091-0003
7800 Vent. Uni. Trans. Brd.7800 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8016-0003
7810 Vent. Depot Exchange7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7810-X6
7810 Vent. Control Board7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8026-0003
7810 Vent. Control Valve7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8071-0003
7810 Vent. Fr. Pan. Board7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8022-0003
7810 Vent. Inlet Solenoid7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-7088-0003
7810 Vent. Uni. Trans. Brd.7810 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1500-8016-0003
7900 Vent. Depot Exchange7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7900-X6
7900 Vent. Control Board7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1503-8007-0003
7900 Vent. Depot Repair7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-7900DR3
7900 Vent. Display7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1503-8010-0003
7900 Vent. Patient Interface7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1503-3081-0003
7900 Vent. SIB7900 Vent.Datex-Ohmeda/GE1503-8009-0003
Flow Transducer / Flow Sensor 22F/22M 7900 VentDatex-Ohmeda/GE 1503-3855-000 Lmtd. - Call for Avail.
AS3 Compact Pow. DisplayDatex-Ohmeda/GE8880143
Capnomac Ultima Depot Exch.UltimaDatex-Ohmeda/GE6
Capnomac Ultima Bench/BrdUltimaDatex-Ohmeda/GE8827183
Capnomac Ultima PumpUltimaDatex-Ohmeda/GE870678-HEL3
Capnomac Ultima Video BrdUltimaDatex-Ohmeda/GE8854803
Capnomac Ultima Depot Rpr.UltimaDatex-Ohmeda/GEE-UltimaDR3
E-NSATX, SpO2 ModuleDatex-Ohmeda/GEE-NSATX-006
Excel 210 On/Off SwitchExcel, Mod SEDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-7935-0003
Excel 210 Switch KitExcel, Mod SEDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-8844-0003
Excel/Mod SE, N20 Needle ValveExcel, Mod SEDatex-Ohmeda/GE2910-0082-0003
Excel/Mod SE, 02 Needle ValveExcel, Mod SEDatex-Ohmeda/GE2910-0081-0006
Excel Interface Brd.Excel, Mod SEDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-8933-0003
Excel SwitchExcelDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-7979-0003
GAiO(v) Gas Mod. - Depot Exch.GAiO(v)Datex-Ohmeda/GEE-GAiO3
GMS Absorber AssemblyGMSDatex-Ohmeda/GE0309-0170-8003
GMS Absorber HeadGMSDatex-Ohmeda/GE0216-67863
GMS Peep AssemblyGMSDatex-Ohmeda/GE0207-8223-8006
GMS Gauge 45-DegreeGMSDatex-Ohmeda/GE1400-8009-0003
GMS Gauge StraightGMSDatex-Ohmeda/GE1400-8015-0003
Low 02 Pr. Alarm AssemblyDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-89343
MCAiO Gas Mod. Depot Exch.Datex-Ohmeda/GEM-CAiO3
MCAiOV Gas Mod. Depot Exch.Datex-Ohmeda/GEM-CAiOV3
Mod II SIBMod IIDatex-Ohmeda/GE0208-6356-7003
Mod II Light BarMod II, II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE1002-3937-0003
Mod II On/Off AssemblyMod IIDatex-Ohmeda/GE0236-0501-8003
Mod II On/Off Rbld. KitMod II, II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE1010-8063-0003
Mod II On/Off SwitchMod II, II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE1010-3003-0003
Mod II plus SIBMod II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE0208-6356-7003
Mod II Plus Volt. Slctr. Brd.Mod II, II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE1010-8100-0003
Mod II Power SupplyMod II, II PlusDatex-Ohmeda/GE0208-0958-7003
Mod II Volt. Slctr. Brd.Mod IIDatex-Ohmeda/GE0208-6347-7003
O2 Sensor CableExcel, ModDatex-Ohmeda/GE6050-0005-4063
Switch KitExcel, ModDatex-Ohmeda/GE1001-8844-0003
NM2C Proc. Assembly2CDrager41996883
O2 Sensor Housing, Drager2B, 2C, 4, GS, 6000, 6400Drager4106363-X3
Breathing Press GaugeDrager41152753
Expiratory Valve Assembly2B, 2C, 3, 4, GSDragerM306473
Fabius GS, 5.7" DisplayFabiusDrager86058813
NM 6000, IPM Module6000Drager41980573
NM 2B, APL Valve2BDrager86071613
NM 2B, Bell. Valve Assmbly (AV-2 Vent.)2B, 2C, 3, 4, GSDrager41122723
NM 2B, Bell. Valve Assmbly(AV-E Vent.)2B, 2C, 3, 4Drager41107753
NM 2B, CRT2BDrager41096103
NM 2B Power Supply2BDrager41996713
NM 2B2BDrager41997023
NM 2B Spiromed Spirometer2B, 2C, 4, GSDrager41063623
NM 2C Power Supply2CDrager41119583
NM 2C Remote Display2CDrager41996853
NM 4 Bezel Assembly4Drager41996943
NM 4 Gas Assembly4Drager41996893
NM 4 Power Supply4Drager41996723
NM 4 Power Supply4DragerSE4111557-X3
NM 4 Processor4Drager41997003
NM 4 Remote Display4Drager41996853
NM 6000 Divan Vent.6000Drager41980393
NM 6000 GAP Gas Mod. Assembly6000DragerSE41129703
NM 6000 Display6000Drager41979863
NM 6000, GAP Com. Proc. PCB6000Drager41192383
NM 6000 GAP IRIA Assembly6000DragerSE68705853
NM 6000 GAO IRIA Controller PCB6000Drager68704643
NM 6000 Power Supply6000, 6400DragerSE41979693
NM 6000/6400 Flat Panel Disp.6000, 6400Drager41979863
NM 6000/6400 Piston6000, 6400Drager41979383
NM 6400 Divan Vent.6400Drager41980393
NM 6400 GAP II Gas Mod. Assembly6400Drager41179253
NM 6400 GAP II IRIA Controller PCB 6400Drager68706753
NM 6400 GAP II IRIA Flow PCB6400Drager83508813
NM 6400 IPM Module6400Drager41980573
Ultrasonic Flowsensor2B, 2C, 4, GS, 6000, 6400Drager4199705(n) 4115754(o)3
Ultrasonic Flowsensor/Spirocell2B, 2C, 4, GS, 6000, 6400Drager41996773
NM 6400 GAP II Common Proc. PCB6400Drager41135953
HP, M1026A Gas Mod.M1026AHewlett PackardM1026-695103
HP, M1026B Gas Mod.M1026BHewlett Packard



To check current availability and pricing, or to place an order,
call David at 800-482-6537, ext. 308.


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