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Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Asheville, an ASC Partnership managed by Symbion Healthcare, and Metropolitan Medical partner to save thousands of dollars by installing DGSS

Local Surgery Center in Asheville saves thousands of dollars while going green with the Dynamic Gas Scavenger System (DGSS).

Asheville, NC. September 3, 2013 The Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Asheville, in cooperation with Metropolitan Medical, recently conducted a study of cost savings from the installation of three gas scavenger devices on their GE Aestiva 7100 anesthesia machines. The results were promising, projecting a 10-year cost savings of over $17,000 for the facility.

DGSS-Dynamic Gas Scavenging SystemMetropolitan Medical Services installed the three Dynamic Gas Scavenger System (DGSS) devices on three GE Aestiva 7100 anesthesia machines in November 2012 at the Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Asheville, in Asheville, NC. The six-month cost analysis was focused on the surgery center vacuum pump, weighing several significant factors in determining the potential benefits of the new equipment.

The average daily usage of the vacuum pump prior to installation was 21.8 hours per day, or a total run time of 3,978.5 hours over a six-month span. After installation of the DGSS device, the average daily usage was reduced to 10.71 hours per day, or a total run time of 1,954 hours over a six-month span.

Pump run time was decreased by 2,025 hours, decreasing the facility’s electrical costs by a projected $1,117.31 per year. In addition, the vacuum pump service costs were reduced by an estimated $1,200 per year. The vacuum pump life was increased by an estimate of six years, also resulting in a capital cost savings for the facility. The total cost savings for the facility is projected to be $2,317.31 per year, or $17,673.10 over 10 years, considering total cost savings minus the low cost initial investment.

The surgery center purchased the DGSS scavenger devices after replacing their vacuum pumps in March 2011. Because the pumps were new, the equipment was determined to have good maintenance records. Costs and average usage records prior to installation of the DGSS were easily calculated.

The OSCA is pleased with the initial results. Decreasing energy usage promotes a more favorable environmental impact, while reducing operational costs. The DGSS device is the essential first step towards anesthetic recycling, reducing greenhouse emissions while saving money for the facility.

To read more about the study and the benefits of the DGSS, click here.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Asheville is an ASC partnership, managed by Symbion Healthcare. To learn more about the center, go to To learn more about Symbion, go to


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