iMDsoft MetaVision MV-OR Anesthesia IMS(AIMS)

iMDsoft MetaVision MV-OR Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS)

Major hospitals worldwide are already using the MetaVision MV-OR Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) to:

Improve Patient Safety & Care Quality

  • Provide clear actionable information
  • Decrease time spent on documentation, increase time on patient care
  • Reduce errors with automatic data collection and decision support tools
  • Enhance Financial Performance

  • Improve billing efficiency via more accurate documentation
  • Comply with internal protocols and pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Increase Competitive Advantage

  • Enable reporting of quality indicators
  • Promote clinical research
  • Facilitate business intelligence
  • MV-OR is a uniquely flexible Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) that can create comprehensive, billable electronic patient records. This system has been engineered to support the workflow requirements of the most demanding clinical environments. The highly dynamic patient-centric decision support options and data repository combine to help deliver the best protocols, practices, and regulatory requirements possible. MV-OR can interoperate seamlessly with the complete range of today’s hospital information systems and medical devices.

    MV-OR provides:

    • Complete electronic anesthesia record
    • Accurate tracking of events, medications, and procedures for billing
    • • Continuous patient records across pre-, intra-, and post-op environments
    • User-friendly touchscreen interface

    MV-OR features several unique advantages that differentiate it from other AIMS:

    • Clinical decision support
      MetaVision’s cutting-edge decision support tools enable hospital personnel to insert and enforce best practice protocols in their administrative and clinical workflows, as well as to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing care efficiency and quality. These tools are customizable and can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of any OR, and they have been shown to provide measurable results.
    • Adaptability to all workflows
      As opposed to many other legacy systems, MetaVision adapts to the individual workflow requirements of a specific unit or department. Users can adjust the system to support their work demands, and it is a simple matter to incorporate new processes.
    • Reporting and analysis
      MetaVision provides clinicians with a valuable data resource for their clinical research projects, as well as sophisticated tools for query and report generating. Clinicians who lack programming experience can easily define and execute queries on MetaVision’s entire patient database and generate reports on a wide range of subjects, including clinical trends, quality measurements, and cost analysis.
    • Data continuity across the entire continuum of care
      MetaVision can maintain a single patient’s record across ORs, pre-op units, ICUs, general floors, and recovery units. Patient data is presented on a single flowsheet that spans multiple units, which allows healthcare personnel to manage and modify medication plans during the complete hospital stay.
    • Full integration with healthcare IT infrastructure
      MV-OR can interface with all conventional hospital systems, including LDAP, PACS, scheduling, billing, CPOE, Labs, and ADT, while fully complementing the hospital’s IT policy. The MetaVision drivers library contains over 200 medical devices, and more drivers are being developed to comply with customer demand.

    MetaVision Suite is the optimal solution for high-acuity, high-cost areas. Now with comprehensive support for general care units, iMDsoft offers solutions not just in anesthesia (MV-OR), but throughout your entire hospital. Other MetaVision IT package solutions include:

    • MV-ICU
      An intuitive Clinical Information System for the entire range of intensive care units (ICUs) and step-down units
    • MVgeneral
      Hospital-wide Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for acute care
    • Decision support and analysis tools
      Tools include Event Manager, a multi-parametric decision support tool for diagnostic support and protocol enforcement; and Query Wizard, and intuitive tool for query and report generation supporting clinical research, quality intiatives and cost analyses

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