Advanced electronic flow meter option for the BleaseSirius Anesthesia System now available from Metropolitan Medical

Metropolitan Medical, a distributor of Spacelabs anesthesia products, now offers Spacelab’s electronic flow meter
that combines traditional flow control with digitally enhanced, EMR-friendly visualization for increased
accuracy and patient safety.

Asheville, NC.Metropolitan Medical Services, a premier anesthesia sales and service provider, began distributing today a better, more advanced option for monitoring a patient’s fresh gas flow. The new Spacelabs BleaseSirius anesthesia delivery system now offers an electronic flow meter (EFM) option to more quickly and easily identify key patient information.

Using an exact digital readout located below each 3D flow tube on the BleaseSirius machine, it allows the caregiver to instantly know the fresh gas flow to the patient. The design and look of the EFM is similar to traditional flow tubes, with enhanced precision and more accurate gas data that can be exported easily to comply with electronic medical record keeping systems.

Based on Blease’s reputable 60-year history of developing anesthesia solutions, the Spacelabs BleaseSirius Anesthesia System offers the latest innovation and technology, and can be designed to meet the unique needs of any medical facility. With unparalleled performance based on reliability, precision, and simplicity, Spacelabs anesthesia systems lead the industry in innovation, ventilation and vaporization.

Metropolitan Medical has been a leading supplier of new and refurbished anesthesia equipment and service in the U.S for over 15 years. Metropolitan is committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, and offers a complete portfolio of solutions for your anesthesia needs.